Thexton Smith Interiors

Waves – A Bespoke Piece by Thexton Smith Interiors

We curated a bespoke statement light sculpture in the living room to create a ‘wow’ factor for those entering the apartment. This sculpture fills the double-volume void and creates a layer of subtle sophistication and fascination.


The light sculpture is designed with three panels. Each panel is nine meters high and is intertwined and moulded to resemble waves. These panels are lined with more than a thousand glass poles that are meticulously installed into mouldable rods, all by hand.



As the shape was sculpted on-site, the labour to install this light sculpture was very arduous. We had to make sure that each ‘curve’ was moulded in a certain way, but we absolutely love how it turned out. The artisans installing the sculpture were incredibly patient – they worked tirelessly to ensure that it turned out exactly as we envisioned.


We are proud to call this light sculpture WAVES.



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