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Thexton Smith Interiors shortlisted in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023!

Thexton Smith Interiors Pte Ltd have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023.


This penthouse overlooks the bay of Singapore and boasts a timeless interior that’s romantic, elegant and sophisticated.



The clients, a couple who are always entertaining guests and love hosting parties, wanted to be able to wow their guests from the moment they step through the door. They required a comfortable, relaxing and calming environment where their teenage son could also bring over friends. It was also important that the interior design scheme did not overshadow the costal view that the property benefits from.



For Thexton Smith Interiors Pte Ltd, the light sculpture in the living room is they key aspect of the project. The sculpture is designed with three distinct panels. Each panel is about nine meters in length and is intertwined and moulded to resemble waves and the sea. This is also quite unique as each panel is designed with more than a thousand glass rods, and they have managed to make something that is solid look soft and liquid-like. Designer, Hafi Hakim, stated “I have always loved organic designs that give an ode to nature, and to be able to create a piece of this scale has always been a design goal of mine.”



This design works well due to the neutral palette and base. This enables every aspect and any added colours/features to stand out on its own. The neutral palette means that every artisan who has curated the pieces seen in this project are able to showcase their work as they stand out in contrast to the neutrality. The water repellent fabrics used throughout the space also helps with maintenance, especially on all-white furnishings.


Interior Designer: Hafi Hakim
Photography: Marcus L Photography


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Thexton Smith Interiors has recently been shortlisted for four categories in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2023, including:


  1. Living Space – Global
  2. Living Space – Asia Pacific
  3. Interior Design Scheme – Global
  4. Interior Design Scheme – Asia Pacific

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