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Silversea Penthouse – Challenges with Designing the Project


As with all projects, Silversea was not without its challenges. Some were expected and some were, well, very unexpected!


To begin with, the client engaged our services whilst we were based in Australia, which meant that all of the initial designs and meetings were done remotely.


As this was the second apartment that we have designed for our client, and the second time we have worked together, we had a much better understanding of how both parties work and how to manage each other’s expectations. This enabled us to make sure things went relatively smoothly, as the client trusted us completely, even though we were not physically present.


We had to ensure that all of the design intent was communicated to the client diligently, and that all of the construction documentation was meticulously explained to the project manager and carpenters.


The project manager on site was essential, as he acted as our representative whilst we were abroad. He made sure that the client felt confident and assured, and he constantly kept the client updated on any work happening on site.


Another design obstacle that we faced was due to the neutral palette and base. However, the neutral palette meant that every artisan that has curated the pieces seen in this project had to work at the highest level, as any imperfection would be apparent and obvious. All of the artisans produced pieces of the highest quality, and this is reflected throughout the apartment.


Some of the initial designs that was rejected by the landlord.


Another surprising factor with this project was that this apartment is actually a rental property. This was a huge challenge for us, as some of our initial concepts were rejected by the landlord, so we had to go back to the drawing board multiple times. We also had to make sure that everything we did added value to the property, and any additions could be removed easily without disrupting the integrity of the apartment. We wanted to make sure that the design was sustainable, and we wanted to ensure that we reduced as much wastage as possible.


Some of the initial designs that was rejected by the landlord.

Some of our biggest challenges came right at the end of the project. Due to disruptions in supply chains, some of the furnishings that we sourced from overseas were delayed, meaning that we had to source other furnishings on short notice. The initial chandelier that we planned to install in the living room was too heavy for the ceiling, so we had to source the light sculpture, which ended up being a stunning addition to the apartment. However, the ceiling also had to be reinforced, and the final piece of scaffolding was removed just as the photoshoot was about to begin. We got there just in the nick of time!


Although we had a number of issues towards the end of the project, we worked tremendously hard as a team to overcome the challenges and create a luxurious apartment that our clients absolutely love.


Challenges do arise during all projects, but all challenges can be overcome by working together and coming up with creative solutions, which at times, can look even better than the original design.


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