Thexton Smith Interiors

Organics – Our Favourites

As the house is very angular with many straight lines, we used organically shaped furnishings and décor to soften the apartment, making the space feel less rigid.



To bring a sense of softness to the space, we curated furnishings with round edges and curved corners. This not only helps to make the space feel less rigid, but also elevates the space by making it feel cosier and more comfortable.



The coffee table was one such example – we curated the coffee table with curves in mind. It took a lot of coordination to get the curves right and to make sure that the shape works. Our skilled artisan hand-made this coffee table using steel that was “heated and pounded”. The result was absolutely breathtaking!



If you would like to enquire about our services, please send us an email at studio@thextonsmith.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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