Designing A Luxurious Living Room: Tips From Interior Designer Hafi Hakim

“Your home is a reflection of you, and it should be a space where you feel the most confident and the most comfortable,” says award-winning designer Hafi Hakim. Known for his ability to push the boundaries of interior design, he is the co-founder and director of Thexton Smith Interiors.


In this article, we take a sneak peek at Hafi’s latest project – the Silversea Penthouse, and learn how you can incorporate his tips on designing your own luxurious living room.



The penthouse encompasses three of our timeless performance bouclé sofas and armchairs, and has been nominated for four categories in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2023, including ‘Living Space – Global and Asia Pacific’, and ‘Interior Design Scheme – Global and Asia Pacific’.



Align on a look for a cohesive home


“As a creative thinker, I have lots of ideas constantly streaming into my head.”


For those designing their dream home, Hafi recommends you begin by shortlisting five cohesive reference images that you can design around. “This will make your interiors look cohesive and well thought through.”


Next, consider these 3 essential factors before you start designing your living room:


How will your living space be used?


“Is it to watch TV or is it more of a sitting room for guests? This helps to determine the design and layout of the space.”


Decide if the primary use of your space is to create a sanctuary for unwinding, or if it’s for binging TV streams.


Consider the people in the space


Identify how many people live in the space, and how often you entertain. If you often find yourself hosting friends and family, you’ll need enough seating to accommodate your guests.


Picking the right fabric for your needs


Ease of maintenance is an important factor and should not be overlooked. If you have children or live with fur babies, you should pick a material that is durable and can withstand the rigours of daily use.


With plenty of fabric options out there, it can be a tedious process to zero in on the best one to suit your every need. Materials like leather, velvet, and bouclé exude a sense of sophistication and are perfect for elevating your home. They are also timeless options that will never go out of style.


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To ensure that the furniture stands up to daily use, Hafi selected pieces made with our spill-resistant Performance Bouclé fabric, so the homeowners can have peace of mind while entertaining.



“In this project,” Hafi said, “we used a beautiful white quartz bouclé fabric for the furnishings. This bouclé fabric has an amazingly soft texture that makes the space look very cosy.”


Bouclé works especially well on furnishings with soft curves like the Odette Performance Bouclé Sofa as the nubby texture accentuates the curves, making it feel warm and inviting.



Embracing the curves


Hafi softened the rectilinear space by choosing organic-shaped furnishings. He chose statement pieces with irregular shapes to add a touch of elegance to the living space – hence using the Odette Sofa to ooze effortless charm with its curved back silhouette and thin gold spindle legs.


Statement pieces like the Odette and Marlow sofas are perfect for making lounging look luxuriously chic so you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.


The Marlow Collection exudes sophistication with its tufted seat and back, shaped like a delightfully elegant cloud puff that your family will love to lounge on.



Creating a cohesive colour palette


Your choice of upholstery can significantly impact the overall feel of your living room. If you’re struggling to decide on the perfect colour scheme, Hafi recommends taking an article of clothing from your wardrobe and laying it out in the living room.


“You will be surprised to find that a common colour theme will emerge. These colours would be the best for you to use in your home,” adds Hafi.


When designing a luxurious space, opt for colour schemes that complement each other rather than clash. There’s something about a light colour palette that visually enlarges a room, making it feel more spacious and bright.


Hafi chose to punctuate the neutral palette with a rich earthy orange, weaving it masterfully in layers of textiles and wall art.



Hafi supplemented the seating in the penthouse with a pair of Sacha Performance Bouclé Armchairs. The sculptural silhouette of the low-slung chair fits right in with most interior schemes.



Incorporate Hafi’s design tips to start building the luxe living room of your dreams and create a space to thrive. For additional reading, check out our tips on choosing a coffee table

and our guide to selecting a rug to tie the living room look together.

To learn more about Thexton Smith Interiors, visit https://www.thextonsmithinteriors.com/

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