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Daffodil – A Lovely Surprise

The staircase was very dark originally and it desperately needed colour to bring life into the space. The staircase acts as a conduit that leads from the common area’s downstairs to the more private spaces upstairs. With this in mind, we thought that this area was a very important space, and a space that has the potential to add a breath of fresh air to the house.


We used a Gucci heron wallpaper on the main wall, and complimented the wallpaper with a beautiful daffodil yellow paint. This brought a bright element to the space, and provided guests with a nice surprise as they walked up the staircase.



Due to the nature of the wallpaper, and the panel and repeat restrictions, we had to meticulously plan on where to install the wallpaper to ensure that it had the maximum impact.


Choosing the right hue of yellow was another challenge. It had to stand out, but we had to make sure that it did not overshadow the beautiful green reflected in the Gucci heron wallpaper. The most important thing was that they complemented each other.



In the end, we settled with Summertime Medley after shortlisting six different shades of yellow.


“This is the boldest colour we have ever had for our house. We were afraid at first, but we absolutely loved how it turned out.”


The end result was everything we wanted and more!



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